Remote Backups
   NAT/Firewall Configuration
Migrating from previous version
Installation Guide
   Virtual Backup Agent
Client User Guide
        Configure Backup Schedule
        Synthetic Full Backup For Files/Folders
        Synthetic Full Backup For Exchange Server
        Exchange Backup Configuration
        Exchange Server Cluster Backup
        Exchange Mailbox Backup Configuration
        SQL-Server Backup Configuration
        SharePoint Server Backup Configuration
        Advanced Disk Image Backup Configuration
        Linux Bare Metal Restore
        VMware Backup Configuration
        MySQL Server Backup Configuration
        Hyper-V Backup Configuration
        Mapi Based Outlook Backup Configuration
        Oracle Server Backup Configuration
        Oracle Backup Connection Properties
        PostgreSQL Server Backup Configuration
        PostgreSQL Server Backup Connection Properties
        cPanel Server Backup Configuration
        cPanel Admin Preferences
        Active Directory/System State Backup Configuration
        Open File Backup
        Outlook Backup
        Windows Mail Backup
        NTFS Permission Backup
        Advanced Filter Settings
        Check Backup Progress
        Suspend Backup Schedule
        Edit Backup Schedule
        Edit Exchange Server Backup Schedule
        Edit Exchange Mailbox Backup Schedule
        Edit SQL Server Backup Schedule
        Edit Oracle Server Backup Schedule
        Edit Outlook Backup Schedule
        View Backup Schedule
        Delete Backup Schedule/Data
        Permanently Delete Files From Server
        Status of Deleted Backups
        User Plugins
        Pervasive Server Backup Configuration
        Meta-Data Backup
        Restore Data
        Restore Exchange Server Data
        Restore Exchange Mailbox Data
        Exchange Mail Level Restore
        Exchange Brick Level Restore from EDB
        Restore SQL Server Database
        Restore Oracle Server Database
        Restore Outlook Data
        Restore PostgreSQL Server Database
        Restore cPanel Backup Data
        Restoring SharePoint Server Data
        Restore Basic Disk Image Backup
        Restore Advanced Disk Image Backup
        Recovery ISO Creation Process
        Recover Advanced Disk Image Backup Using CD
        Virtual Recovey as Hyper-v VM
        Xen Backup Configuration
        VMWare Guest OS Image Restore
        Download VMware Backup Data
        VMware File Level Restore
        Restore Hyper-V Backup Data
        Restore System State
        Restoring IE, Outlook Express & Registry
        Windows Mail Restore
        Restoring MySQL in Windows
        Restoring MySQL in Linux
        Suspending Restore from client
        Restoring to a new machine (Disaster Recovery)
        Restore Pervasive Server Database
        Client Dashboard
        Backup Reports
        Restore Reports
        Client Management Report
        Software Updates Downloaded
   Alarm & Event Management
        Raised Alarms
        Cleared Alarms
        View Alarm Raising Events
        View Events
        Alarms and Events Configuration
        Client Registration
        Client Authentication
        Add/Delete Peer
        Seed Backup Migration
        Test connectivity to Backup Server
        Configure Email Notification
        Configure Client Side Email Filtering
        User Management
        MySQL Settings
        SharePoint Settings
        Mapped Drive Settings
        Backup Window Settings
        Configure Automatic Software Updates
        Client Side Bandwidth Throttling
        Configure Server for Client Management
        Default Encryption Password
Frequently Asked Questions
Known Issues
Release Notes