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We're glad you've taken a positive step towards backing up your data with .

Once it becomes a part of your daily life with running quietly in the background protecting your valuable data, you'll wonder what stopped you from backing up all this time!

You are running a 'client installation' of 's Service Provider (SP) Edition. This version is amongst 's most powerful editions and is packed with a host of features to make data backup as simple as possible without compromising on quality!

These features include:

  • Preconfigured backups - one tick selection for commonly used files & folders like your browser settings (favorites, cookies, etc), Email (Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla, etc), My Documents folder, etc.

  • Robust Encryption with a configurable encryption key length - without the password, not even your service provider can see your data. In fact he won't even know it its a doc or a ppt or an xls you've backed up.

  • Intelligent Incremental backups - checks to see if your files have changed since the last backup and thereafter backs up only the changed parts of the file saving you bandwidth and time.

  • Powerful Compression - compresses your data before it leaves your computer.

  • All possible scheduling options - simply think first about how often you'd like to backup. Rest assured, supports it!

  • Easy user friendly restore - restore an entire backup or restore a single file! 's Step by Step restore module ensures you don't have to run for support when you need your data.

  • Multiple Versions of files backed up - Choose how many versions you need and if you decide that you need last week's file and not yesterday's, so be it.

  • Powerful Reporting from an embedded RDBMS - so you always know what's happening.

  • And much more...

In fact, once you've installed the software, you can have your first backup running in less than 2 minutes !

This help document was designed to get you up and running ASAP. Your Service Provider may have given you a contact email/telephone for support. Alternatively, please visit us at for any assistance or information.

Happy Backing Up With !

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