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Rebrand / white label your online backups business

Why run your online backup and storage business in someone else's name?

You already have a close business relationship with your clients which probably took years to mature. Now you have the relationship, you don't want another vendor coming across your clients' radar.

Your clients are much more likely to buy from you than from a competitor because they know and trust you. With your online backup service fully rebranded \ white labelled in your company name you can quickly realise another revenue stream which locks out your competitors.

With our fully rebranded Windows client you can run our service in your company name for a one-off fee of £35 and a monthly fee of £10 (regardless of how many clients you have installed). All future upgrades will be rebranded automatically before being downloaded by your clients.

Reseller Portal

All of our Partners have access to their own Reseller Portal where they can manage all of their clients as well as create, delete, pause and edit backup jobs. The portal can be fully rebranded which is useful when running demonstrations to prospective new clients.

Next step

To discuss more and to order the rebranded client, please contact Partner services

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WorldBackups client rebrand FAQs

How quickly can we get our rebranded client?

  • Once you have completed our rebrand document which outlines your requirements and you have sent us all of your images, you can normally expect to have your client .exe build in 7 working days.
  • You can make as many changes to your client's colours and images before we compile your .exe build.

Will we receive all future updates rebranded?

  • Yes. All updates will be rebranded and downloaded automatically by your clients. Whenever there is a major release we will compile a fresh .exe client for you to use.

Will we need to re-install our existing clients if we rebrand at a later date?

  • Yes. All clients have their own unique number and it isn't possible to install different clients on top of one another.
  • The workaround is to uninstall the default WorldBackups client before installing your new rebranded client. You can then start your backups afresh.

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