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FTP Backup

All VPS system disks are 50GB (C:) – Unlimited additional storage available in 64TB blocks

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£275.00 per month (£330.00 inc. VAT)


Quick explanation

Our online data storage platform utilises a Microsoft 2012 Hyper V Cloud infrastructure. We provide guest VMs using Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 or Windows 2012 R2.

Using a combination of DAS and iSCSI connectivity between server and storage we are able to match performance with resilience dependant on your requirements.

Depending on your budget your storage and server can run on SAS, SATA or SSD disks and benefit from connectivity on gigabit or 10G.

Using the latest advances in Microsoft's VHDX format we can mount up to 1.6PB of storage on a single server.

Along with cloud servers and storage we are able to provide a range of server, hardware and OS variations to suit your requirements.

Who uses this service?

Our online data storage facility is used by:
Online backup service companies
Online backup companies using their own software require a low-cost and robust backup platform to remain competitive in the market place. We don't place restrictions on the amount of storage available and don't charge for data transfer outside of our 'fair usage' policy. This is why we are the preferred SaaS platform provider in the UK for companies who don't want the overhead of building and maintaining their own backup platform. Typically, online backup companies use applications such as Vembu's StoreGrid, Ahsay, FTP and WebDav and we support all of these products.

Hosted and dedicated Exchange service providers
Private and public hosted Exchange platforms must be available 24x7 and be able to grow seamlessly. Our managed network provides both, and because of its low cost is a popular choice for providers. Because of Microsoft's licensing agreement we have to provide all Microsoft licenses when used on our platform. We have a SPLA agreement which allows us to rent Microsoft licensing at a low cost. The result is a platform which is managed by us at the hardware and license levels, leaving you free to run and build your business.

If High Availability of services is required, we can cluster virtual and physical servers seamlessly, or if you prefer we can host your own equipment for you.

Website hosting companies
Web hosting is the ultimate servant of low cost computing and as such must produce the maximum ROI for the hosting company. Our servers and storage are competitively priced and our servers come with a standard build which allows you to add only the Windows features you require.

Hosted application and SaaS providers

DR recovery and failover sites

Managed email providers

Application and development testers
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are bespoke systems and are configured around specific customer requirements. These are in effect Cloud terminologies which we can discuss if you require a private cloud constructed and managed by us.

Third party virtual servers
Have you pre-built a VM and want it hosted in a data centre? Contact us for further details.


Complete control - You will have full root access to your server so you can connect to it as you would any server.

Latest technology - Our baseline virtual server configuration utilises Windows 2012. You can easily upgrade any virtual server to utilise 64GB RAM and 12 processor cores. If you require a physical hardware server we can supply one to your specification. We currently use HP servers for our underlying cloud infrastructure.

Security and connectivity - If you have more than one server with us we can VLAN all of your servers into one virtual private network. This is a managed layer 3 service which will not only secure your server but will also improve performance.

Network connectivity and speed
Internet connectivity - Fast 100Mbps internet link. Private circuits up to 1Gbps available.
Internal connectivity - Choose between 1Gbps and 10G.

Persistent and highly available - Our service runs on Microsoft's Hyper V platform 2012 and utilises high availability clustering.

BYOS - If you have your own VPS running somewhere else, we can easily run this for you within our cloud.

Import and export of bulk data

If you need to upload or download a large amount of data to your server we recommend using a portable or removable USB drive.
What do we mean by large amounts of data?

Example You have 2TB of data you want to transfer and assume an overhead of 5%.
1.54 Mbps connection (T1), the upload will take 126 days.
10 Mbps connection, the upload will take 19 days.
We can receive and send out bulk data on removable media the same day.

Connection type
Power connections: Standard UK 3 pin (kettle lead), IEC (UPS lead) or USB powered. Non UK devices must be switchable to 240v.
Data connections: USB (any type)
Size and weight: Any normal portable media disk.
Cost: We charge £50 for this service.

Contact us if you want use a NAS or any other type of device.


All data is stored on our privately owned equipment running from leading UK data centres operated by Pulsant. We use their data centres in Maidenhead, Croydon and Edinburgh.
Pulsant overview here.


View all terms here.


How is the service different to other cloud providers?

  • Your server will be built and stress tested by a real person before it is released for operation. All of our services are provided on a fixed-price basis and we never bill for one-off overuse of resources. All resources are directly connected to the underlying server hardware with no grey areas around shared resources. All storage is directly attached to your server via an iSCSI connection running at gigabit or 10G speeds.

Do I have to build my own Windows server?

  • No. Your server will be pre-built for you and your storage attached. You can install other Windows components such as IIS as required. If you choose to use a hardware firewall to protect your server(s), this will be configured before your server is put into production. If you have specific requests such as Microsoft Exchange or SQL, our in-house team can do this for you.

Do I have full control of my server?

  • Yes. Your server can be accessed immediately via RDP.

Can I upload \ export storage?

  • Yes. We can import and export storage using removable disks.

How much storage data is available?

  • We can provide server storage drives up to 64TB in size. There are no limits on how much storage you can run.

What about support?

  • Support is available via our online helpdesk and you can expect a NOC Engineer to start working on your issue within 10 minutes of receiving your call.

Can I upgrade my server(s)?

  • Yes. You can increase your server's storage, processor and RAM.


  • How does billing work?
    We will ask for the first month's invoice to be cleared before we build your server. All other invoices will be issued on 30 day terms and payable by Direct Debit. International payments are received via PayPal only.
  • Do you charge for bandwidth used?
    No. However we have a fair-usage policy. All we ask is that you transfer in\out no more than 50% of your purchased storage. This keeps undesirables off our network such as SPAMMERS and illegal file sharers.
  • Will I be compensated for any downtime?
    Yes.  We will refund your monthly fee for any unscheduled downtime incurred outside of our SLA. Please see our terms

Reliability and performance?

  • Do you monitor my server and update me when it is not responding?
    We monitor our own network 24x7 and respond to incidents which will affect your server immediately.
  • We can automatically monitor the internal processes of your server and alert you to internal issues within your server (charges apply).
  • My application works better on Intel 64 bit processor which processors do you use?
    All of our servers use Intel 64 bit quad and hex core processors.
  • Is my data backed up by the data centre?
    No. Whereas our systems are highly available and have multiple layers of redundancy we recommend you back up or replicate your critical data yourself. We are able to provide FTP and other types of backup for this purpose.
  • Can I get a public IP address?
    Yes. Your server will come with one public IP address and more can be supplied on request (subject to RIPE approval).


  • Is my server secure?
    Yes.  Your server will only accessible by you. If you add extra servers to your account we can VLAN them together so that they communicate with one another within your own private network. You also have the option when ordering your server to incorporate a hardware firewall in front of your server. This will permit you to specify which Internet based devices can communicate with your server(s) and on which ports.
  • Can I establish a site-to-site hardware-based VPN straight to my server?
    Yes. We can configure a hardware VPN on our gateway which will communicate with your router on your premises. Or if you prefer we can host your own hardware router on our network (fee applies).