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File share and backup using ownCloud

Quick explanation

We have partnered with one the UK's 'business only' established providers - www.filesync.co.uk . Their cloud is built using Seafile.


Familiar technology - operates and behaves in exactly the same way as a local drive.

Reliable - the service syncs with our network in our own data centre facility. The best use of Seafile is to deploy your own cloud within your own private network. Running your own private cloud with Seafile is free from license and vendor costs.

Inexpensive - more cost-effective than comparable software and hardware options.

Local sync - retains a local synced copy of your data for faster access.

100% durability on your data - your data is synced to multiple devices and to a UK data centre at the same time.


Live storage (prices are monthly)
10GB 100GB Require more?
Pricing FREE £40 / year Contact us


How does the FileSync \ Seafile platform work?

  • Install the client software \ APP on your Windows device, MAC PC, Android device, iPad \ iPhone or connect via a web browser. Upload your files and watch them sync seamlessly to your other devices.
  • Using our cloud based service means your data is always available to you without having to pass through your corporate network.

On premise option

  • If you don't want your company data in the cloud for security reasons or simply want to manage it yourself and save money, you can run Seafile on your own hardware. This is what Seafile was designed for.
  • We are specialists with the Seafile product and can deploy it for you in your own environment. Contact us to start a discussion.